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American Telemed Evaluations, LLC, is a fully-fledged medical provider that now offers comprehensive medical cannabis evaluations to new and existing patients diagnosed with a qualifying condition in CT or NY. Patients will be evaluated by a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 40 years of experience specializing in Family Medicine who is state-approve to issue recommendations for medical cannabis treatment. She will carry out each evaluation in a discrete and professional manner, providing a thorough review of each patient's medical condition and history to determine if medical cannabis will be therapeutically beneficial for the patient.


You will be treated with the upmost respect and customer service not found in many of the local "clinics". At American Telemed Evaluations, we understand your concerns about trying a new, holistic approach to compliment your traditional medical therapies to enhance your quality of life. Each evaluation will be conducted in a professional, discreet manner.

Some patients want to consider the use of alternative medications in managing their illness for many reasons, including the cost of prescription medications or unwanted side effects. You will be provided with education regarding the safe use of medical marijuana, including possible interactions with current medications, the use of alcohol and other substances.


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Founder, Nurse Practitioner

Barbara Scorziello has 40 years of practice experience, having worked at several major well known hospitals in Manhattan and Bronx, NY, and still does. She earned her undergraduate degree in Nursing from Marquette University, a Master’s Degree in Nursing from City University of New York, and her Nurse Practitioner’s degree from Pace University. She is licensed in both NY and CT. Barbara has attended numerous
Cannabis conferences and treated hundreds of patients with Medical Cannabis. Having a broad range of
experience in Family Practice and pain management, Barbara will work with you and determine if Medical Marijuana is right for you and if it will be beneficial to add to your treatment regimen to improve your quality of life.

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